Obtaining oil by the press method

In the modern technology of vegetable oil production, pressing as a method of extracting oil from seeds often precedes the final degreasing of the material with an organic solvent – extraction. Purely pressed oil is used only in relatively small…


Slavic horoscope (ancient pagan horoscope).

Modern horoscopes are based on Western astrology. But our ancient ancestors also believed that they were born into the world under the influence of heavenly forces. The annual solar cycle – Svarozhy kol, consisted of periods of time, each of…


The impact of pollutants on the human body

Poor-quality food products contaminated with overtime impurities can cause food poisoning of microbial origin, various infectious diseases and helminthiasis. Chemical substances in the human body are carried by blood and distributed in organs, tissues and cells. The amount of chemicals…



In nature, there is a large number of proteins of plant and animal origin, different in chemical composition and structure, physico-chemical and biological properties. Despite the successful development of the chemistry and biochemistry of proteins, there is still no single…


Decorative finish.

Decorating an office or apartment is a complex but very interesting process. Often, when you want to bring some original zest to the interior, but it is not entirely clear what to change, then an extraordinary idea can be found…


Where to go to study in Ukraine?

Where to study in Ukraine in 2022, during the war? WARNING! Khmelnytskyi Vocational Economic and Technological College is preparing a set of students for 9th grade graduates! ADMISSION RULES FOR COLLEGE 2022-2023 HAS CHANGED!!!


Online store of quality caps VIBRAND.

Hats for men and women wholesale and retail are indispensable accessories for both cool and summer days. In winter, men’s hats as well as women’s hats help protect the head, preventing possible sores associated with a cold. In any season,…