Sport in my family – through the eyes of a child.

Sport is an integral part of every person’s life. It strengthens health, trains willpower. I believe that sports should be present in every family! Probably, I was introduced to sports since childhood. After all, he plays an important role in our family.

My parents were always interested in sports only as amateurs. In his youth, Pope attended soccer classes, and after entering the Suvorov school, there he seriously engaged in Greco-Roman wrestling. Now my dad is an amateur diver. He also wants to get me used to this business, but I’m a little afraid …

My mother was engaged in sports dancing for several years in her youth. I followed in her footsteps. I have been engaged in ballroom dancing for three years. And now my mother is fond of table tennis. I can also play with her with pleasure.

My seven-year-old niece is serious about sports. This is the third year she has been engaged in figure skating. I must admit – she is making great progress.

Still, I respect the sports traditions of our family, and I myself support a healthy lifestyle. After all, as they say – “in a healthy body – a healthy spirit!”
It is from this motto that I go through life. Swimming and skating play the main role in my sports life.

Although it is only a hobby, I treat my classes with great interest.

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