Slavic horoscope (ancient pagan horoscope).

Modern horoscopes are based on Western astrology. But our ancient ancestors also believed that they were born into the world under the influence of heavenly forces. The annual solar cycle – Svarozhy kol, consisted of periods of time, each of which was under the control of different sacred deities. All of them had their own temperament and were guides between the realms of nature and man.

Vyrgon December 1 – December 10
We can meet the prototype of the Virgon in ancient Greek mythology in the form of Medusa the Gorgon. These are symbols ascending to a single source associated with the proto-Aryan culture of Death. People born in the period of Virgo are independent by nature and have an insatiable imagination. Sensuality and perseverance distinguish these people. They can’t stand hard work, have a great need for comfort, are prone to deception and cheating. Women compete with men, selfish and unyielding. As a partner, they prefer a representative of a different social environment, religion or race

Kitovras (Karachun) December 11 – December 23
Those born in this period are protected by a half-man-half-horse. This is the mythical Centaur, about whom it is said: “Impressive in wisdom and strength, but has a penchant for wine.” People around him are often tempted to use him for their own selfish purposes, but he can reach heights in any sphere of life, if he does not excessively gravitate towards pleasures and worldly pleasures. A person – Karachun has unimportant health, the closer his birthday is to the most February day – December 23.

Perun (Unicorn) December 24 – January 20
Perun is the oldest and greatest of all Svarozhichi. Light-bearing God of Fire and lightning. Perun rarely inspires love, but always respect. If his energy and passions are not used, he can become extremely aggressive. The positive type of Perun is a daredevil, a warrior, a defender, a negative type is a brawler, a brawler, a reveler, a soldier.

Stribog January 21 – February 20
God of the wind, giving flexibility of mind and intelligence. Man-Strygod is able to get out of any situation. His soul is a source of new ideas and good initiatives. The most loyal friend, as well as a sensitive and responsible partner for marriage. Stribog protects wise and cautious people, and makes life difficult for impulsive and errant people at every step.

Born February 21 – March 20
Kindred is the primary basis of the creation of the universe, where all descendants came from the same beginning. A symbol of the unity of the family and all living things in the world. So a person born under the sign of Rod feels his involvement in everything. When starting a family, he protects it from any harm and rarely divorces. Reed provides knowledge of human psychology and reveals the secret motives of behavior and actions. A mysterious person for others and not very clear for himself. Love can ignite his blood for a long time, he can do rash actions.

Yaryla March 21 – April 20
This period was considered the first month of the Slavic calendar. People born under the patronage of Yaryl are eternally young, looking at the world with wide-open eyes. From the god of the spring sun, they imitated a lot of sexual energy, which is why they often change partners, leaving behind a series of broken hearts. In this way, they escape from boredom. Yaryla people drink this life in big gulps, not wanting to deny themselves anything. Only by truly loving do they acquire the ability to give, not just take.

Lada April 21 – May 21
Goddess of love, harmony and order. No matter where she finds herself – everywhere there is a feeling of warmth and home comfort. It is this aura of the home hearth that attracts money and other benefits to Lada. The goddess Lada helps lovers, so a person born in this period does not need to be afraid of loneliness.

Lelya May 22 – June 2
Lelya is the wife of Perun, also known as Gromovitsa, the goddess of thunder and lightning. People marked by Lilies have a warm heart and a kind soul, they can declare themselves without fear of being misunderstood. They know the “rules of the game” very well, are interesting, have practical acumen and intuition.

Kostroma June 3 – June 12
When the field work ended, our ancestors celebrated the farewell of spring with the help of rituals. Kostroma ensured the future fertility of the land. Children of Kostroma are talented and eloquent, as if the earthly forces themselves speak through their mouths. This is how oratorical abilities, literary abilities, etc. arise. They are often haunted by mystical accidents and coincidences.

Until June 13 – June 21
Dodola is the patroness of young girls and their secrets. People come to this world for rest and contemplation. They do not like to make efforts to achieve their goals. They need an experienced mentor, patron or just a loyal friend. Despite their infantile nature, people born in this period are very happy. For them, milky rivers flow and gap-grass blooms.

Veles June 22 – July 22
In the sacred “Book of Veles” – the creator of truth, similar to Odin or Hermes. Naviy God, God of Magic, God of the Secret. Children of Veles have a penchant for everything out of bounds, they often run to the depths of their subconscious from the surrounding reality. They strongly feel the connection with nature.

July 6-7 (Ivan Kupalo) stands apart from other days. On this day, people lit magical bonfires – eyes of light, gathered berries and flowers, danced and sang. According to folk custom, it is a sign of family continuation, dynasty. A Kupalo man is happy if he honors and respects the laws of nature and the universe. Secret powers give your pet special knowledge, allowing you to dispose at your discretion.

Dazhdbog July 23 – August 23
The name of the deity comes from “give” and “portion”. In the people of Dazhdbog, pride is combined with intelligence and self-sufficiency. If they do not realize their ambitions in time, they can become real tyrants. Their distinctive feature is prudence. They do not follow anyone’s lead, they come up with their own strategy. They turn out to be professionals in their field, excellent managers, lawyers and advocates.

Maya August 24 – September 8
Maya is the deity of the healing forces of nature – the sun’s rays together with the rain. She was depicted as a mature beauty holding ripe ears of corn and fruits. Ripe beauty is a symbol of harvest. But, like Mother Nature, Maya needs careful treatment and care. A Maya person is a lover of everything pure and natural, has a sense of proportion and sensitivity to other people’s grief. Does not tolerate harsh conditions and any discomfort.

Roshanytsia September 9 – September 11
Virgin of Life and Destiny. People born under the sign of Rozhanytsa are shy, lazy, but having fallen in love with their favorite occupation, they are able to work to the point of self-denial. These are people of their word and deeds. Ardent passions seem like a disease to them, they lack faith that it is love that can overcome all obstacles.

Mokosha September 12 – September 27
An exclusively female deity. Promotes closeness and the birth of children. Two weeks of Mokoshi – “women’s summer” call to treasure every minute and not waste time. People born in this period (especially women) can achieve great success in any activity if they are not lazy. They know how to find a common language with people. Their most successful weather is rains, and the place of strength is a water source.

Svarozhich September 28 – October 15
Represents earthly fire, gives warmth and light, but can also destroy by sending droughts and fires. This is also the God of Victory. If Svarozhich’s children spend the first half of their lives in struggle, the second will bring honor and wealth. Not compatible with Mokosha in any relationship.

Mara (Morena) October 16 – November 1
The goddess of Winter, the wife of Koshchii, is cruel and relentless. Morena is full of hidden power. Hardy, uncompromising, maintains good health until old age. Having realized her internal resources and learned to manage them, Morena will get exactly what she needs. Bad weather, rain and strong wind bring success.

Semargl November 2 – November 8
Semargl is the god of the Moon, the keeper of the family hearth, crops and seeds, intimate feelings between a woman and a man. Night is the best time. Standing on guard in the dark hours of the day, Semargl can send prophetic dreams and revelations to his pets, which help them understand the meaning of life, and also arouses intuition, which saves in difficult life situations.

Skipper Beast November 9 – November 30
Skipper-beast – the leader of snakes and all creatures of Nava – the otherworldly invisible world. Therefore, people born under the sign of the Skipper-beast have the ability to sense danger at a distance, to see the dark side of the actions of others and the reverse side of things. They need to respect their older relatives and it is useful to turn to the wisdom of ancestors.

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