Sample of writing a production specification


per N year student

State Agrarian and Technical University

Speridon Mykolay Mykolayovych

During the course of industrial practice, student M.M. Sper and Don discovered deep theoretical knowledge of the individual task assigned to him. He has proven himself to be a disciplined student.

During the internship, intern Speridon M.M. learned about the work of the auto-tractor fleet at the enterprise and personally took part in plowing the land. He helped mechanics in the repair of machinery, visited the farm every day, took an active part in organizing work on the tractor brigade. The individual task that was set before the student was completed diligently and conscientiously, within the time limits provided by the calendar schedule. The intern fulfilled all the requirements of the production practice and received positive feedback from the practice manager

Characteristics issued for submission to the DUK.

Head of the farm                                                            __________________

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