Making seams on a sewing machine

Sewing on a sewing machine is often done using a limiting ruler, which makes it possible to sew clothes with high quality and even seams. An important element of the sewing machine is the presser foot, which is used to perform a seam in the hem.

Limiting line. They are used when it is necessary to lay even rows at a given distance. The limiting line consists of a board, a plate, a frame with a slot.

The ruler is fixed to the platform of the sewing machine using a clamping screw.

But now, in modern sewing enterprises, many manual operations have been replaced by machine operations, which greatly simplifies and speeds up the work, when, for example, women’s clothing is sewn in bulk to meet the demand of every fashionista.

Below we will give an example of how a seam with a limiting ruler is performed.

Equipment, materials, tools and devices: sewing machine, limiting ruler, threads, fabric, scissors.

Work execution sequence:

1. Place the limit ruler on the machine platform so that the slot of the ruler aligns with the hole in the platform.
2. Insert the screw, securing it with a twist.
3. Draw two lines on the fabric with a simple pencil: one with a distance of 1 cm from the edge, the second – with a distance of 2 cm from the edge.
4. After folding the prepared fabric in half, place it under the foot.
5. Push the edge of the limiting ruler of the fabric cut itself.
6. Tighten the screw so that the ruler does not move.
7. Draw the first line. Make sure that the edge of the fabric fits tightly to the edge of the ruler.
8. Loosen the screw and move the ruler to the specified value.
9. Lay the line again.
10. Remove the fabric from under the presser foot and fasten the string.
11. Check the line spacing. It should be equal to 1 cm.