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About the hosting company “Ukraine”.

Ukrainian hosting – provider and registrar of domain names Hosting company “Ukraine” registers international and Ukrainian domain names, as well as provides high-quality cheap hosting.

The first fully automated hosting and domain name registration service in Ukraine. Read more…

Hosting company Ukraine is a professional hosting based on the most advanced technological solutions, able to meet any modern requirements, the main thing is quality hosting, reliable and cheap hosting, every day they work here to make hosting the best in Ukraine. The company’s servers are located in the best data centers with round-the-clock technical support, which allows us to provide reliable hosting, thereby guaranteeing uninterrupted operation of the sites.

Hosting “Ukraine” is a structural division of Delta-X. The direction of hosting was opened in 2004, mostly for the company’s own projects and its clients. Over time, the number of sites hosted on servers has increased so much that it was necessary to create software that automates the work for hosting management. And it was created, our software, allowed to perform 90% of operations in fully automatic mode.

Only here users can fine-tune the hosting, customize each site. We do not limit users to single PHP settings, for each site you can configure the PHP parameters that are required for the management system you use. Hosting is suitable for any project, whether it is written on Joomla, DLE (DataLife Engine), Word Press, Kohana, Typo3. etc.

Payment for hosting – starting from non-cash payments through the bank and payment system through iBox machines and ending with instant payment systems and payment by Visa, MasterCard cards. Payment for hosting is fully automated, all payments, regardless of how they are made, are processed automatically, as soon as the money arrives at any time of the day or night, the software will see it and activate the services you paid for – be it domain registration or hosting.

The main difference between Ukraine hosting and any other hosting is the maximum set of possibilities and maximum ease of operation.

Hosting Ukraine

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